Operational Expertise and Track Record

  •  Iwosan Investments Limited’s pioneer investment has a strong track record of being a trusted provider of integrated healthcare services. This has led to the company winning multiple awards for its excellent services provision

Favourable Industry Dynamics

  • Nigeria’s healthcare market is on an upward trajectory with healthcare expenditure estimated at N5.7 trillion in 2021
  • In addition, the influx of healthcare startups bridging the infrastructure gap highlights long term opportunities for the sector

Diversification Benefits

  • The promoters of Iwosan plan to further expand the range of services within its existing portfolio investments as well as to build up the portfolio to provide diversification across the healthcare sector

Innovative Financial Strategy

  • Iwosan’s financial strategy of structured permanent capital, mainly from local investors has the ability to unlock a significant pool of resources therefore being a game changer for the Nigerian healthcare sector

Strong Leadership Vision

  • The Promoters of Iwosan have a well-diverse experience possessing deep local expertise with over 80 years of combined experience and they are committed to reducing the health infrastructural gap in Nigeria